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Vincent Crews

Website: http://www.jimmychoo.com
Occupation: Testin high heels
Year Graduated if not 1990

ummmmm, can't remember

Who I hung out with:

Anyone who loved wearing Jimmy Choo pumps with a matching purse with me. Not many guys for some reason...


Football, wrestling......anything with tight clothing so I can always see my muscles.

Did time in The Box!


What did you do to get there?

Got caught tryin on costumes in the dressing room from the drama department. I really like the pastel pink and lavender gown.

Streaking through the school halls after football practice......I wasn't as gutsy as Steve.

Took one of the driver's ed cars out for a "joy ride" but forgot the teacher was still in the trunk.

Tried to release all the baby pigs so they wouldn't be dissected in biology. After I threw them out the window that is when i realized they were already dead.

Favorite Memory:

The day I joined Hare Krishna, I loved the dresses.

Winning Prom King AND Queen. I danced with myself to my favorite song..."Dude Looks Like a Lady"

Most Embarassing Moment:

Molly was spotting me as I was bench pressing. I pushing myself really hard and lifting my max weight and went for 20 reps. I barely could lift number 18 when I strained too hard I peed my pants. Only took Molly one hand to lift the bar back to place. I had to borrow her skirt to wear home.

Oh,and yeah......

I suffer from ‘muscle dysmorphia’ (an obsession about musclebuilding) but to the layman it’s Bigorexia. (BIG.uh.rek.see.uh) How can you tell that you suffer from bigorexia?
~ You check yourself in the mirror ten or more times a day
~ You frequently skip meeting with friends or other social events to not interrupt your workout schedule
~ You chastisize yourself for not working out hard enough

I have now kicked the habit and only work out 8-10 hours....a day. This is still difficult not to work out longer.

I have taken down half the mirrors in my house so they are only hanging on one entire wall of each room.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:46 AM
Me in my favorite shoes....I am in the black shirt.
This was before I got my calves in perfect form, they are a little skinny here.